Tuition and donations

Tuition fees

As stated in oral presentations, education in the 2015/16 academic year for families was and remains free.

But we decided not to get paid in the first year of opening the site not because of the lack of project needs, and, firstly, because they were not sure of the quality of the service, and, secondly, that at the initial stage of payment has not become an obstacle for families with this form of education and assistance.

Starting from the 2016/17 academic year, it is planned to introduce payment for the normal, sustainable operation and development of the project, based on its needs. The budget consists mainly of teachers ' and head teacher's fees, as well as support and site development fees, and is divided between the families of students in proportion to the number of hours received for each individual class.

It is not possible to reduce tuition fees by reducing costs, since they are already minimized - teachers, in particular, work for the most modest remuneration, treating their work as a service.

Thus, the amount of payment that falls on the shoulders of each individual family depends on the content of employment. The more classes filled to a reasonable limit, the lower the tuition, and classes at this stage are ready to accept more students.

Therefore, we ask everyone who is interested in this, to invite to training those who are not yet familiar with this service, but could, in turn, be interested in its use.

Some parents have already this year asked us to provide details for payment for education. Many people were interested in the real cost of students ' expenses, both for the purpose of their compensation and for the purpose of planning the family budget for the next school year and making a decision on the availability of this form of education, and consequently, the expediency of transferring the child to the family form of education this year.

Taking into account the current January 2016, the number of students in the 2015/16 academic year, the cost per student was, respectively,:

2-4 classes (2 hours/week) - 360 R / month 

5.6 classes (14 h / week) - 2520 R / month 

7,10,11 classes (16 h / week) - 2925 R / month 

8.9 classes (17 h / week) - 3060 R / month

For comparison, the cost of training with the help of tutoring services provided in person and via the Internet, in the same number of hours will be from 5 (2-4 classes) to 40 (8.9 classes) thousand rubles per month!

There is another way to reduce payment - voluntary donations.